Christmas Roulette

Christmas Roulette,

Due to its simplicity and high rewards, Roulette has become an all-time favourite game among the casino players. Christmas Roulette brings to you the game with same rules and gameplay albeit in a Christmas atmosphere. The Christmas spirit is visible in every corner of this Roulette game where typical characters of Christmas along with dealers in the festive garb are present on the screen.

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About the Developer of Christmas Roulette

Roulette games from NetEnt are known for their excellence and great visuals in an authentic environment. The company has been powering various online casinos since 1996. They have developed over 200 casino games in past 20 years. This roulette game is another entertaining game from their development house.

About the Game

Christmas Roulette

The Roulette game provided by NetEnt will make you come back for more, each time you play it. This Roulette game was unwrapped before last Christmas as a present to all licensees and will be available as a festive exclusive. The live dealer area of this game looks magical and at the same time beautiful too. An exclusive live dealer room is dedicated to this Roulette game. The Christmas fun becomes more evident with each spin. The custom-made live dealer studio is brimming with bright and colourful festive decorations. The players are greeted by a number of festive characters and a charismatic dealer is present at the completely bespoke table. The dealer is also dressed in the festive apparels.

Simply put, Roulette is a game of luck. You don’t have to think of a strategy or remember rules to play this uncomplicated game. Having very few skills is all you need to win in this game. Place your chips on a colour or a number chosen by you and your work is done. Now the dealer will spin the ball on the wheel. You wait for it to stop on a slot, hopefully, on the one selected by you.

It is up to the player, how he wants to place the bets. It could be a straight bet where the bet is placed on one single number. A Split bet is placed on two adjacent numbers. A street bet is placed on three consecutive numbers. Corner bet is placed on four numbers in the corners. A Column bet is placed on four numbers in a column.

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Christmas Roulette brings Christmas cheers home with all these extra festive decorations. The overall atmosphere of the game is festive and cheerful.

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