Dolphin Quest

Slots Best Way To Win Is To Dive Into The Ocean With Dolphin Quest

Go on an underwater adventure at the Express Casino Online with Microgaming designed Dolphin Quest. Playing the mobile casino game of Slots at this coral wonderland will soothe your body, mind and soul. Every win will increase your excitement, and every loss will only propel you forward to ride the waves as you play the Slots, in this deep water wonderland.

Slots Best Way To Win

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Slots best way to win is leading a new expedition. And this time around, with a Slot game designed to go on a look-out for Dolphins. Microgaming is taking us underwater to 5 reels and 50 pay lines. A hidden treasure of 12,500 coins and a promise of gaining as much as 150,000 coins await us. So start placing those coins, be it a coin/ line or 5 coins/ line or even go all in and place 250 coins. This Slot game has 243 assured ways of winning here. Get hooked on to your screen once you visit our page.

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Dolphin Quest

Set in an underwater coral reef, to the soothing sounds of the ocean, Dolphin Quest is the game to play to win. Explore the marine biodiversity, while engaging in a top of the line game. With squids and turtles and shoals of fish swimming past seaweed and corals, a tranquil background pulls you out of reality and into the reef.

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Enjoy The Best Slots

Enjoy yourself while you look for the friendly intelligent creatures which make this Slot game what it is. A simple and fun game, it’s for a beginner or even a pro. The wild symbol is the Dolphin Quest logo. The scatter of course true to the title is the golden dolphin. The special feature of the game, though, is that the scatter can double as the wild symbol. Cool huh?

Slots Best Way To Win This Dolphin Game

The simplicity of this game at Express Casino lies in how straightforward it is.

  • The Jackpot is yours if you can stack the Wild logo in a pay line on the screen and haul up your 12,500 coins.
  • If you can get 3 scatters or the gold dolphins in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th reels, it’s the bonus round
  • Plus who doesn’t love a free spin, they’ve thrown it in to increase your win
  • That’s not all if Lady Luck’s with you; you may even land a free spin in the bonus round.
  • If you get the wild or scatter symbol in any line, your winnings increase too
  • If you get an adorable dolphin, or two dolphins or even a squid or sea turtle, you get 1,000 coins.  
  • The best part of all, if you play all 50 lines, you’re sure to win, something or the other.

It increases your love and appreciation of these beauties doesn’t it?

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While playing this expedition Slot game on Express Casino Online, you’re bound to happen upon the bonus round. After all, it isn’t just the slots best way to win; it is THE WAY. So you land three golden dolphins (scatters) on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th reels and bonus round here we come. And you get instant winnings too. In the Bonus Round, you can earn almost 150,000 coins. And the scatter can sub for the wild. Isn’t it awesome?

So get your snorkels on and fire up your Internet. SMS casino deposit as Slots pays by phone bill or deposit using mobile credit. Dive into Dolphin Quest on Express Casino Online and win big with the Slots best way to win

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