• Oynamaq
    • Adı: Germinator
    • Proqram təminatı : Microgaming
    • RTP%: 95%
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  • Oynamaq
    • Adı: Big Break
    • Proqram təminatı : Microgaming
    • Makaralar: 5
    • Paylines: 15
    • RTP%: 95%
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  • Oynamaq
    • Adı: Keno
    • Proqram təminatı : Microgaming
    • RTP%: 94.5%
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    Express Casino- Scratchcard Games

    Scratch Your Way Through to Win Big At Express Casino

    Scratchcards are the casino games in which the more combinations you land, the more win you get credited. It is one of the simplest casino games and you don’t need to be a gaming expert to tackle scratchcard games. It is an instant win game of different variants. Go ahead and play the collection of games that we have in store for you at Express Casino.

    It started off as a lottery game in 1974 and since then has established itself as one of the most played casino games online. You don’t have to gamble huge sums of money to loot a win, you can start the game by fixing bets with a lesser amount bet size. You can also enjoy the delight of these games in your mobile phones and tablets. You need to scratch the cards and reveal the hidden symbols and if 3 or more match then you will be credited with wins.

    The Different Variants with a Magical Touch for the Players We Love

    At Express Casino, we have a huge list of scratchcard games that you can engage in and take home some great wins. You only have to follow the simple steps to play scratchcard:

    • – Fix the size of your bet according to your wish

    • – Once you have fixed the size of your bet, click on the new card option

    • – After that, click on the reveal all button or click on each of the cards to reveal the hidden symbol

    • – If you reveal three matching symbols, then you win the amount which has been set for each of the symbols

    • – The size of bet and the value of symbol you land determine the amount you win

    The multipliers can go up to a whopping amount of x10000 which will definitely double up the size of win instantly. At our casino, we have the best scratchcard games including bunny boiler, volcano eruption, crypt crusade, and more to keep you entertained and yield great wins. Scratch your luck with the cards at Express Casino and increase the size of your pockets.

    Why Scratchcard Games?

    There are ample reasons for you to choose scratchcard games, some of which are:

    • – It has an easy gameplay so you won’t have to break your head

    • – It can give you instant win

    • – The multipliers are rewarding and enticing

    • – The theme that the cards are based on keeps the game interesting

    • – There are massive bonus features to play with

    If you haven’t tried your luck with the scratchcard games at Express Casino then hurry and try your luck with each card symbol you reveal.

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