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There are different category and varieties of casino games in the online platform. Each type of game has its own benefits for the players. Some prefer playing professional table games while others go for fun-filled games like the video slots. Thanks to Live Sizzling Hot Roulette that brings a mix of both these categories into one game. In this live Roulette online game, you have an option to bet in a side game single reel slot too. This enhances your winning abilities and helps you win some extra rewards, regardless of the result of your Roulette spin. You can place your bets using chip value from 1 to 1000.

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This amazing dual play live Roulette online was developed by none other than NetEnt. They are the developers popular for bringing such innovative solutions to the online gambling communities. With advanced gaming technologies, their games are playable on modern mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Success in your hands!

About the Game

 Live Sizzling Hot Roulette

This version of live Roulette online is played on a standard European table with a single zero and numbers from 1 to 36. There is a live professional human dealer facing high-quality cameras in a studio. You can choose your preferred view of the game using various camera angles. The chat feature allows you to interact with the dealer on a real-time basis and get responses to your queries via voice. The game of Roulette allows you to bet on a straight single number that pays the highest stake of 35 to 1. There are other standard betting lines such as split, street, corner, line, dozen and column that has better winning probability. The side reel game ‘Sizzling Hot’ allows you to place your bet on a symbol and revealed symbol gives you a certain amount of reward.

  • The Payout: The split betting allows you placing chips on two number and to do so, you must place chips on a line between two numbers. The payout for a split is 17 times your total bet. Street allows three number betting and pays 11 times. Corner with four numbers betting pays 8 times, followed by 5 times for line with 6 numbers betting. Column and dozen allow twelve numbers betting and pays twice your total bet.
  • Outside Bets: This live Roulette online game has three different outside betting lines as well. High-low, red-black and even-odd are the three where you can place chips. You can either place on one or all three with a payout of one to one.

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This live Roulette online is the best variant with a side bet option to enhance your wins. The live dealer setup makes you feel you are in a real casino and playable on mobile and tablet devices.


Live Roulette Online- Keep What You Win With Express Casino