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    • Атауы: French Roulette
    • Бағдарламалық жасақтама: Microgaming
    • RTP%: 98%
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  • Ойнаңыз
    • Атауы: European Roulette Gold
    • Бағдарламалық жасақтама: Microgaming
    • RTP%: 97%
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  • Ойнаңыз
    • Атауы: American Roulette
    • Бағдарламалық жасақтама: Microgaming
    • RTP%: 94%
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    Express Casino- Roulette Games

    The Wheel and the Little Ball to Reward You

    Roulette is one of the most played casino game and the wheel is the main characteristic of this table game. You will win if the little ball which is spun in the wheels land on the number or colour you have fixed your bet on. There are different variants of this and at Express Casino we have the best of Roulette games for you to indulge in. Go ahead and check out this section of the table game and let the little ball determine your win.

    Going down history lane, the game of wheel came into being by the 18th century and since then has been popularly played across countries; it is a popular game used to test your luck. There are two types of Roulette:

    – American Roulette: The wheel, in this case, comprises of 38 pockets, the 00 pocket is an addition to this wheel.        

    – European Roulette: The wheel of European Roulette, on the other hand, has 37 pockets. It is the popular version played across different casinos.

    Make Sure the Wheel and Your Luck go Hand in Hand

    To play Roulette, firstly you need to fix your bet on any of the following:

      – Straight/Single: Place your bet on any of the number on the table.

      – Split: In this, you place your bet on vertically or horizontally adjacent numbers

      – Corner: Bet on 4 numbers that are in one corner

     -Double: Place your bet on 6 consecutive numbers which will form two horizontal lines

    You can also place outside bet to increase your chances of winning. You can fix your bet on the colour or columns and dozen bet. After you have fixed your bet, the wheel will start spinning and the croupier will send a little ball which will spin in the opposite direction. It is a game of chances; your luck is what takes you all the way and lands you on the pinnacle.

    We have the best of all here at Express Casino

    At Express Casino we have the different variants of Roulette to play with. Be it American or European, we have the best versions of Roulette for you to indulge in. Get your hands on each of them and see what it has for you. We have for you the best of rewards and bonuses on playing this table game at our casino. Besides, rewards and bonuses the gameplay of this table game is what you need to look forward to; It will take you on a thrilling ride which will raise the excitement level each time the little ball spins on the wheel.  From the classic version to the gold or Premier versions of Roulette, Express Casino has for the players all the variants.

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