Play Keno, The Game Of Prediction And Chance at the Best Slots In Vegas


Keno Lets Players Bet On Numbers And Win

Keno is a hot favourite casino slots game enjoyed by both newcomers and veteran gambling enthusiasts. The combo of the lottery, best slots in Vegas or bingo-style play excites all types of players to try out their hands in our marvellous Express Casino Online platform. Our virtual casino game stage is packed on with fun and entertainment, engaging all the players. More options more control – hurry!

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It is the best slots in Vegas with straightforward rules to learn. Just guess the numbers that will be drawn at random and be rewarded depending on how many of it you rightly predicted. We require players to pick between 1 and 20 different numbers on their Keno card that are numbered from 1 to 80. Choose the numbers, place a bet and wait for those to be drawn. Your payouts come only if your chosen numbers are drawn. Get a glimpse of online heaven!


Online Best Slots in Vegas Draws Are Software Generated

At Express Casino Online, the 20 numbers are picked on the internet via random number generator software, but we guarantee the thrill and suspense built up during the wait and play is the same as in the real casino play. We recommend players to familiarise this Microgaming play with our free versions of Keno gameplay to gain confidence in the playing patterns. Learn to build your betting strategy before playing moving to best slots in Vegas online gambling in our live casino where players avail real money payouts. Play your way – win your way!

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Keno Offers Great Winning Options

Express Casino Online gives players great winning opportunities. The Microgaming gameplay rules are simple – bet on numbers from 1 to 80, wait for the draw, and if the numbers match your choices, you are rewarded. The amount you are allowed to bet on each number may vary from £0.1 to £5. Players can bet from 1 to 15 or maximum up to 20 different numbers. Also, decide on the rounds you want to play while betting on your chosen numbers. And if the luck is by your side, you will hit a few numbers and win.

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Players Set Their Slots Play Strategy

Everyone has his or her style of playing. Some pick their lucky numbers, a specific sequence or merely select the numbers randomly. Decide what suits you, how many numbers if you want to bet and begin the game. Players winning chance increases when fewer numbers (around only 5-6) are chosen for the bet. We also recommend players to keep the betting amount low until you are very confident, as this is an absolute game of luck. Set your betting plan clear in your mind, and start gaming.

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