Vel heppnuðu kvikmyndir hafa oft innblástur netinu rifa þema og Ted is also themed on a 2012 comedy of the same name which was so successful that there was a sequel too in 2015. The movie and the Rifa á netinu bónus staður game have a main character in the form of a talking teddy bear who is crude as well as amusing at the same time.

Um verktaki á Ted

Since last 50 years, Blueprint Gaming has been developing innovative casino games for land based casinos as well as online casinos. This Rifa á netinu bónus staður game is also developed by the company.

Um Leikur

þetta Rifa á netinu bónus staður game features 5 reels and 20 paylines. You will see a party scene where the teddy bear has dozed off on the sofa itself with the hangover. Bong, beer crate, swan, and his wife are the high-value symbols joining the lower paying cards on the reels.

The annar lögun af þessu Rifa á netinu bónus staður game are as follows:

  1. Base Game Modifiers- Whenever the teddy bear awakens from his slumber during the main game, he awards you one of the six modifiers randomly. Laser Gun Wilds are given when he targets symbols randomly and changes them into wilds. Psychedelic Super Spin is active when the smoke emitting from his bong engulfs the reels and adds teddy bear icons which then change into matching symbols. Psychedelic Colossal Spin modifier gives a colossal reel with a 3x3 symbol. Beer Streak drenches the reels with beer after a successful spin where icons change places many times over to grants wins. TV Remote Symbol Streak sees him suddenly wake up after a win and press buttons of the remote where the icons from the winning spin stay in place and you get a respin. Psychedelic Bonus Boost will see him bellowing the smoke again where bonus icons will be added to the reels.
  2. Thunder Buddies Bonus- This is the main bonus round of this game which is initiated by getting three or more of the Thunder Buddies bonus symbols. There are five different features here and you will have to spin a wheel in order to find out which one of them is granted to you. Wheel of Fartune, Bar Crawl Bonus, Super Mart, Free Spins, Flash Free Spins, Big Money Bonus are the five features.


The Rifa á netinu bónus staður game contains a number of bonus features in both bonus round as well as the main game.

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